· Do you provide free estimates?

     Yes, we provide you with a free in home estimate that takes around 30-60 mins depending on the project. 

· When are you available for appointments?

     We are available Monday-Friday for day appointments. We understand that not everyone can be home during   the day and we do offer after hour appointments a couple days a week. 

· How quick is your turn around?

     We can usually schedule an estimate in less than a week although sometimes it could be a little longer. Once you meet with us you will receive your estimate within about a week or so. Project start times vary throughout the year. Most times we can get you in our schedule in about 4-6 weeks and completion time depends on project size and depth.

· Is there any job too big or too small?

    While most of our jobs are basement finishes, kitchens, and major bathroom remodels, we do offer new home building and full remodels. As you can imagine this keeps us busy so we tend to stray away form handyman type work to make sure we can focus on current jobs and give them the attention needed to complete on-time and to our high standards.

· Do you guarantee your work?

   Yes, we offer a 2 year warranty on our craftsmanship and material. We are confident in our work but know things happen. We are there to help you with anything that might come up.

· How do you handle change orders?

    Any time we have work that results in an additional cost this will be processed through a change order form. A revised portion of our contract will be sent to you for a digital signature. You will always know where the overall project cost stands. This eliminates the surprise element at the end of your project. All costs are presented and explained prior to making any changes.

· Can you tell me who will be in my home?

    We want you to feel comfortable with who is in your home. All of our employees and sub-contractors are licensed and insured. We instill in our employees our company values of honesty and integrity. We want you to feel like our team is your second family while they are there. 

· How do I keep dirt and dust out of other parts of my home?

    Remodeling can be a messy job. We try and keep things as clean as possible. We install plastic barriers and drop cloths to isolate the area we are working in to help with the dust and dirt. We will remind you to turn off the HVAC system on days where the dust is going to be really bad.  We also try to clean up after ourselves daily to help with the spread of dust and debris.  

· How long will my project take to complete?

    Every project is different. We do our best to keep you in formed and give you a outline of your project timeline before and as we go through the project. 

· Can I select specific products?

    Yes, we will give you places we frequent to pick our your selections but you are always welcome to venture from these places. We can work together to obtain all necessary products to make your project what you want.

· Can you create the design and drawings for my project?

    It depends. We use CAD software for our design projects. Once we meet with you and get the exact measurements we can usually do most projects in house. If you plan to build a new home or addition we may partner with an architect to help with design and draft all the necessary drawings if needed.

Have other questions?  Contact us and we will be in touch!